Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Duffy Tomei

Artist – member of Colchester Art Society
I was born on the outskirts of South East London to a working-class family, who were at a loss to understand their duckling.  Full of creative insight and enthusiasm, untapped by a grammar school education, I ventured down long and winding avenues, and crossed stormy seas in a quest to find a way to express myself.  Mum made a valiant attempt to help by enrolling me at the local stage school at the age of four.  Much song and dance ensued and although a good outlet for excess physical energy, it did not fully quench my thirst for expression.  Marriage and family took the starring role for a number of years whilst in the wings I amused myself with piano lessons, but music was not my forte.  Mid-life directed me to university and a BA Hons in Drama.  Hallelujah! A place to explore – physical, mask, mime, radio, contemporary theatres and much more; a vacuous cave waiting for enrichment.  But I was restricted in the role of lecturer: my job was to encourage others to develop their creative insight and enthusiasm – not to indulge my own.  Then fate stepped in and took it all away, but fortune led me to Walton where she knew my dreams lay. I’m lucky to live on the East coast where every day nature puts on another show.  Once a performing arts lecturer, I can’t help but notice movement and music, and am overwhelmed by the song and dance Mother Nature performs, both at sea and on land.  These images are the inspiration for my work.  I love to paint on large canvases using knife and oil or acrylic, implementing strong gestures to create powerful stormy moving images, but just like nature, there are times to create delicate watercolours dancing on smaller canvases. ‘Started out with nothing and still got most of it left’ 😊Seasick Steve
I accept commissons – simply email with details of your requirements! SEE MY WORKS