Frinton View

Living in such a beautiful place as I do, it would be criminal not to paint the views that I am surrounded by on a

Secret Garden

As with so many of my paintings, this little beauty started life at a workshop I attended with the intention of developing new skills.  The

Walton Backwaters

This is a view that locals will know very well.  Some describe the area as the saltings but to most it's simply the backwaters.  A

Royal Residence

The year 2022 will go down in the annals of time as a year both of great joy and deep sadness.  Queen Elizabeth II acceded

A Bit of Weeding

This painting originated with the main focus being on the house.  It was an exercise at a watercolour workshop I attended.  I was not enamoured

Call Me Al

Produced at a workshop, along with a whole herd of alpacas, Al stood out on his own.  We used polychromo pencils on coloured Mi Teinte

Mia – Commission NFS

Having received the commissioned birthday present from her beloved, the recipient commissioned me to create a similar piece of work for his own birthday. The

Budgie Love

Having spent 10 days in our campervan in Yorkshire, enjoying being close to nature, I was drawn to these little birds in a pet shop. 

Amour Amur

Finding working on black paper an interesting experiment, I decided to explore using the negative in more detail.  On considering a suitable theme, I came

Swinging Moorings

I imagine to some readers the title sounds as though this piece is a blast from the past, but if it were, I'd probably have

Splash – SOLD

The sea is forever moving, ebbing and flowing, a regular flow, never ending.  I live by the sea and watch this relentless toing and froing,

Punk Poulet

I have become enamoured with Polish chickens.  You can expect more images of these incredible fowel with their impressive hair do's - err, I mean
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