Gouldian Finch

I wanted to paint a pretty bird, and the Gouldian finch seemed to fit the bill - if you'll excuse the pun! In 1841, English

Blue Footed Boobies – SOLD

Beautiful Boobies!  Here we have two amidst a marvellous mating dance. There's no mystery in why the Blue-footed boobies are so named but interestingly the

Sea Wind

A very pretty little painting of two figures at the waters edge in the style of Robert Hagan. This was created at a workshop with


This painting is one of my personal favourites.   Created using a very loose style, a large brush and acrylics, I was inspired by the works

Soft Amble

Suddenly I saw this sight and knew I had to paint it!  We were travelling from Sussex to Reading, when we stopped briefly to look

Sea Rocks – SOLD

Product of a workshop with Jamel Akib, this painting is the very essence of what the workshop was all about.  I had discovered how to

Wild Life

This terrific tiger was completed under guidance at a workshop.  I did jump ahead of the game at times, and must therefore attribute much of
Aldburgh Orphan

Aldeburgh Orphan

I was at grammar school in the 1960s - we were expected to become scientists, lawyers, doctors and mathematicians - not artists!  We did very

A drop to the ocean

Inspired by the work of Hashim Akib,  I was lucky to receive support and guidance from him, at times, as I created this picture.  I
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