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Orb and Sceptre

Orb and Sceptre – SOLD

May 2023 and King Charles III is to be crowned.  The Driftwood Gallery at Photovogue in Frinton on Sea is hosting a Coronation art exhibition for all local artists to show one piece of work in celebration of the event.  The work must be loosely on the theme of the coronation which may relate to any part of the life of King Charles.  Although not my idea initially, I found myself organising this event.  As the time drew closer, I became aware that the entries were going to be very loosely related to the event itself and became concerned that there would be no submissions at all that had anything to do with the ceremony, so I set about producing something apt myself.  This is the outcome.  Rendered in pastel pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes coloured paper.  I don’t usually approve of paintings that replicate a photograph to the nth degree but in this case, as I was attempting to create the shine and sparkle of the regal items, I was extremely satisfied with the result.

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