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Cate - SOLD

Cate – SOLD

I take regular painting lessons to keep my skills honed in.  There’s always something new to learn, however small it might be.  I visit Watershed Studio in St Osyth’s for annual workshops in acrylics and oils with various tutors and I attend twice weekly watercolour sessions locally.  Watercolour as a medium is by far the most difficult for me, but I persevere in training because it is so informative about art in general.  Cate emerged at a lesson I attended to explore a looser method of putting down watercolour.  I was so excited to see the finished product that I decided to definitely pursue this style of work.  Many have already shown a keen in interest in Cate, and I’m sure there’ll be many more who love her.  This is truly a fun way to express oneself.

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