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Splash - SOLD

Splash – SOLD

The sea is forever moving, ebbing and flowing, a regular flow, never ending.  I live by the sea and watch this relentless toing and froing, day in, day out, year in, year out.  I never tire of it.  Some days the angry waves shout as they crash over on to the promenade; other days the water drifts gently over the sand, whispering.  The colours of the water and sky alter in tune with the mood and time of day.  It’s not just red sunsets, black storms and white puffy clouds, the scenes are set with every colour of the rainbow.  On a sunny day the water can be a tropical blue but in the winter the grey skies impose a grubby look on the sea.  This day, I watched the small breakers roll in over the Walton sands, dirty brown and grumpy looking.  We’re all allowed an off day aren’t we?  This is a cold day in Autumn and I think it is very reminiscent of our coast when the sun has decided to have a duvet day.  A purist watercolour with all white being left for the paper to do it’s work.

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