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Snowdrop Wood - SOLD

Snowdrop Wood – SOLD

I joined in with my friend Lesley Lord’s workshop.  She was ‘painting a bluebell wood’ with her class but I’d done a few of those previously, so asked if she’d mind if I did my own version and made it snowdrops in a wooded area.  Alright, I must admit, that I was probably being a bit difficult.😁  Anyway, my come uppance arrived when it came to painting the floor covering of bluebells.  As Lesley gave instructions on how to fill the surface with different hues of blue, I was left with an inordinate amount of ‘white’ paper on which to paint a carpet of ‘white’ snowdrops!!!  So… well it might have been a disaster on any other day… but fortunately that day I managed to work my way around it.  I was pleased with the result and Lesley was impressed too. 😁

The original is now sold but prints are available.

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