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A Bit of a Breeze

This delightful seascape emerged from a pastel workshop with Geoff Thorpe at which I was more an observer than participant.  I was working at the venue’s gift shop that day, but had been given permission join in if there were no customers.  There were!  Whilst at the counter, I could hear instructions as Geoff demonstrated, but couldn’t see what was going on.  Popping in and out, I missed important points, and couldn’t really keep up.  Muddling along, I created my own work using snippets of information I’d managed to catch.  Sadly, my painting was unfinished at the end of the day, but I enjoyed creating what I’d managed to do.  The painting remained unfinished for more than a year.  Then Covid came and the world stood still!  As we all slowly crept back into the light, so this painting decided it was time to say hello.  I took it out and viewed it from a distance.  I stared into the stillness of the scape, searching  for a way to reach a destination, and suddenly heard Geoff saying… ‘don’t be afraid to put the pastel on’.  I took the pastels and threw caution to the wind.  The sea kicked up its heels and, as if by magic, life and energy leapt into the work – it all became a bit of a breeze!

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