Feline fun was a commission piece that gave me much fun in its creation.

I had been asked to provide a work of art which was to be a surprise gift for the girlfriend of the client  She had three furry babies, each of whom had to be included in the painting, and, most importantly, easily recognisable.  This was not to be a straight forward pet portrait though.  That much was made abundantly clear.

I was presented with a photograph of the cats that were so precious as to warrant being immortalised in a painting.  I was then escorted around the customers home and introduced to many works of art that he had collected, each with a very definite style.  My commission was to produce a painting that would complement those already in his collection as his girlfriend had a similar taste.  The last stimulus I was given was a postcard of quite a dull, muted picture of three cats sitting in a field in the moonlight – very stylised.  I was to be guided by this picture but it was emphasised that the painting I produced must be bright – bright and cheerful.  The lucky recipient loved nature; butterflies and flowers.  That was it!  Those were the instructions I was given – and this is the finished result.  I was pleased, the client was pleased and the recipient of the gift was over the moon.

Acrylic on clayboard  15″ x 11″

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