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Amber Cove - SOLD

Amber Cove – SOLD

I’d set myself a challenge of painting three pictures of local scenes around the Naze Tower in Walton on the Naze.  I wanted to paint them all from one vantage, so took a standpoint position on the beach below the tower, and, turning in clockwise directon, I chose three views.  The first saw the tower, high above in the distance: that painting is called Amber Beach because the foreground included glorious amber sands set in front of the precariously crumbling cliffs that support the tower.  The painting seen here in this image though, is inspired by my next rotation.  Turning about 120 degrees to the right of the tower opens a view of Felixstow docks way out in the distance, far beyond the beautiful sands I was positioned upon.  This welcoming site was to inspire a completely different painting but it would see the same amber sand and cliffs alongside me so, as I was standing in the cove, I called it Amber Cove.  It was such a pretty day, the perfect azure sky complemented the land and availed itself easily to be spilled onto canvas.  Later I was to turn 90 degrees to the right to find my third view to paint which offered a totally different palette.

Acrylic    50cm x 40cm  canvas board

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