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Amber Beach -SOLD

Amber Beach – SOLD

Having set myself a challenge of painting three pictures of local scenes around the Naze Tower in Walton on the Naze, I needed to decide on the best views.  Rather than travel to different points to paint the pictures, I decided to stand in one place and rotate myself and my eyeline.  This way I would have three different pictures, all part of a continuous view.   I chose my spot on the beach below the Naze tower, and looked into the mid distance towards the top of the eroding cliffs.  This was to be my first painting.  Although my eyes were searching the top of the cliffs and the sharp line of the land, they were drawn to the reflecting sands and I called the painting Amber Beach.  For the next part of my project I turned about 90 degrees in a clockwise direction to face the cranes of Felixstowe docks looking into the far distance – that painting is called Amber Cove.  My last turn was another 90 degrees to face out to sea.  Close by I could see the blackheaded gulls playing in the sand but I drifted into the distance and this painting is called Blue Horizon.

All 3 paintings are acrylic on canvas board.  Amber Beach is the largest at 90cm x 60cm.

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