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Fire Sky - SOLD

Fire Sky – *SOLD*

We’d had a spate of glorious skies for a few weeks which had encouraged me to star gaze – well not quite star gaze because I wasn’t looking out at night.  I was capturing the wonderful sights that appeared just before dusk, as the sun journeyed on its way to bed.  I caught this particular scene, as many others did that day, and filed it away with a few others with the intention of referring to it to  recreate when painting a sky in a landscape scene.  I woke one day and thought ‘I’m just going to paint the sky; the painting doesn’t need anything on the ground’.  As I worked into the painting, the work decided to introduce the sea.  I’ve been painting long enough now not to question what happens in the creative process but to accept it willingly and develop what is given.

The original has now sold but prints are available.

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