Coping with Covid

In the spring of 2020, the world was consumed by a disease called Coronavirus.  With the number of deaths climbing out of control, the British government reluctantly followed the path of other countries, and closed England down.  People experienced a few months in lockdown, with orders given that people were not to leave their homes; only the most essential industries continued to function.  This tactic was successful in containing the spread of the virus through the summer months, but as autumn blew out and winter approached, the country saw a rise in cases again.  We had been warned to expect a second wave later in the year, so were not surprised when the news came that restrictions were back in force.  The country was to be divided into tiered levels, and those areas with the highest number of cases would have to endure the severist restrictions on social activities. Tensions increased and there were signs of mental strain on many people.  I too felt the frustration, and was overcome with a strong desire to express my feelings at the news – this painting is the result.

Oil on box canvas       60cm x 45cm


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