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Being a Bee - SOLD - prints available

Being a Bee – SOLD (framed print available)

Being a Bee was painted using polychromo pencils.  I had gone to a workshop to develop skills in using this medium but had misunderstood one of the earliest instructions and got myself in a dreadful muddle.  As most students will do, when they lose concentration, I went off into my own little world and the product I created was absolutely nothing like anything else had done.  In fact you might even question if I had been to the workshop.  My bee seemed to be a giant, so I put him on a huge flower to make him happy.  I love this bee so much I had greetings cards made – which are available to purchase under the Prints section of this site.

Framed original 15″ x 13″ (38cm x 33cm)






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