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Timeless Ties

Timeless Ties

This painting was created for a joint exhibition by Colchester and Ipswich Art Societies called ‘Borders’. The exhibition initially planned for 2 months, was so successful it ran until the end of October 2020 at the wonderful nationally sponsored gallery ‘Firstsite’ in Colchester.

Drawing on the fact that Colchester and Ipswich face each other across a common border, the River Stour, the idea for the joint exhibition was conceived. The focus of the exhibition was to be that the river flows not only through the landscape of both towns but also through art history; a border that unites rather than divides

The brief for the exhibition was to consider this this mutual border, its landscape and meaning and by implication borders more generally: what they are for, why we feel the need for them, what they divide, what they mean politically and psychologically. Artists were asked ‘to reflect on the lure of the River Stour as the subject as well as its historical significance as one of the sources of English landscape painting’.

I chose to focus on how to forge relationships and overcome a difficult natural divide.   The crossings of The Stour, made by the Mistley swans since the 17th century, seemed a perfect image of how a strong gathering has proved it possible to navigate through, and cross a mighty barrier. Timeless Ties seemed an appropriate title for the work.

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