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Purple Naze - SOLD

Purple Naze – SOLD

This view, easily recognisable to locals, is the wonderful beach at Walton on the Naze.  High above the famous Naze Tower stands proudly, seemingly ignorant to the fact it is perched precariously close to edge of the red, London clay cliffs.  There are often pretty puddles of sea water that shine bright blue from the soft ochre sand, reflecting the sky above, but I wanted to give the image a feeling of intensity, not beauty.  The cliffs are eroding and the land has been falling to the sea for years.  It’s only a matter of time before the ocean claws enough, and so much so that tower falls to the hands of the elements.  Some will consider this an act of destruction that could have been avoided and others will simply agree that it was nature taking its course. There is a dark side to the situation which I wanted to capture in the use of purple, and the running figure.

 Textured oil painting created with palette knife and brush on box canvas.

100cm x 70cm


Currently on display at :

Bruff Cooper Letting Agents, 115 Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea CO13 9PS

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