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Blue Footed Boobies - SOLD

Blue Footed Boobies – SOLD

Beautiful Boobies!  Here we have two amidst a marvellous mating dance.

There’s no mystery in why the Blue-footed boobies are so named but interestingly the males take great pride in their fabulous feet.  The mating dance is a perfect performance by male birds to show off their feet to prospective mates.   With a clumsy grand battement a la seconde, they extend their striking blue delta digits in the hope of approval. The bluer the feet, the more attractive the mate.

To see boobies in their natural environment you’ll need to book a cruise to the The Galápagos Islands but here’s a little preview…

My fun practice piece of art transformed very quickly into a firm favourite painting.

Winsor and Newton watercolour on Canson mi-teintes pastel paper 350g

24cm x 32cm


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